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Welcome to the SFEMWC WebsiteWelcome to the SFEMWC WebsiteWelcome to the SFEMWC Website



Welcome to South Fork Estates Mutual Water Company (SFEMWC). We are a Mutual Benefit Non-Profit California Corporation engaged in providing private residential, non-commercial water to our owners/members. If you are currently a lot/parcel/home owner in South Fork Estates (located within Track 643) you are a member of the organization and in possession of one certificate of ownership for each lot/parcel owned. Being a owner/member provides specific water distribution privileges and with it entails responsibilities for each and every owner to actively participate in the operations of the water company. Participation can be in the form of either an administrative and/or water operations role. There is something for everybody to do.

 SFEMWC is a 100% owner/member owned and operated participation organization. There are many opportunities to serve in the water company that are as varied as there are individualized talents available in our South Fork Estates community. Under our form of organization, participation in its operations is not optional, it is required! It is our collective responsibility to keep the the water flowing to each and every owner/member, by each and every owner/member participating in running the water company and its operations. 

SFEMWC  Annual Meeting:

Next meeting February 2021

SFEMWC Board Meeting Announcement:

2020 Board Meeting Schedule: First Tuesday night @ 6:00 PM of every month. Meetings are held at the Bequette House, on the grounds of the Three Rivers' Historical Museum unless otherwise specified. Agenda available at bottom of this Home Page, File Downloads.

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New Member/Owner Page

New Member/Owner Page

New Member/Owner Page


What are the expectations of new (and existing) members/owners?


New Member/Owner Page

New Member/Owner Page


Check here often for information on what is happening with our Water Company and who is doing what...

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New Member/Owner Page

Scheduled Work and Repairs


This section allows you, the member, to publicly post your comments about your water company here. Constructive criticism and  praises are all welcome. Please keep it civil and clean!

Scheduled Work and Repairs

Scheduled Work and Repairs

Scheduled Work and Repairs


Check here for upcoming water system repairs and upgrades that effect your water service.

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Scheduled Work and Repairs

Current News


What in the world of water is going on today? See both relevant current events in California water issues and the current events of SFEMWC.


Scheduled Work and Repairs

Current News


Your most asked questions revealed here.

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Participation Keeps The Water Flowing and The Flowers Growing...

Ask not what your water company can do for you, but what you can do for YOUR water company!

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