Owners at Work


Annual Valve Exercise Program in Action


Bob and Tony are cleaning out the valve vaults and then will exercise each and every street valve in our development. This task needs to be done at least once a year, and more than just two people are needed to complete the task. We need to have flag men, valve lid removal and replacement workers, vault tube dirt removers, etc. to be involved to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. 


Security Detail

Bob's technical expertise is put to use to set-up a Security Camera at the Storage Tank. We have many different opportunities to serve using the unique expertise of each and every owner/member's life experiences. Security is just one of many programs we have a need for active owner participation.


Water Sampling

Don performs the sampling task, month in and month out, every year. He also performs other special circumstance sampling requirements as well. 


Meter Reading

Ignacio, Michelle, Steve, and Tony read meters


Asset Photography

Steve (Drone Pilot/Photographer) and Tony survey and photo document contract work that has been completed on top of Storage Tank.


Fire Hydrant Exercise Program

Bob and Steve exercise one of the Fire Hydrants in our system as part of the respective standard operating procedure.


Water Line Repair

Don supervises contract commercial plumbers during a repair to a lateral water line due to rodent damage.


More Meter Reading

Ignacio, Tony, Michelle and Steve perform the quarterly meter reads for the quarterly water billing. Great way to get involved if you have never participate. It is actually fun and a great way to get to know your fellow owners and neighbors. Get trained today!


Singing in the rain?

Well, not exactly! Tony demonstrates his rain hat in action during a Fire Hydrant Exercising Procedure.


Fire Hydrant Flushing Exercise

Bob supervising a Fire Hydrant Flushing Procedure. 


Chlorine Flushing Procedure

Steve testing water for the present of Chlorine during a Fire Hydrant Flushing Procedure.