Water Savings Tips

The State of California is still in a drought condition and requires conservation efforts to continue. Please find below some tips we have accumulated for helping you find ways to conserve our water. If you have any additional ideas please contact us with your ideas so we can share them with other members.

* Replace lawns with a Rock Garden that utilizes drought/low water tolerant plants. 

* Plant (or re-plant) with drought/low water tolerant plants (You can visit the California Native Plant Society Alta Local Chapter ( and/or the State Fire Dept. facility for an example of such landscaping designs). 

* Replace shower heads with a low flow shower head and reduce showering time and frequency. 

* Install low flush toilets.

* Grey water redistribution systems (filtered, installed by a plumber, see local building codes) to trees or areas in the garden that require more water in the summer months.

 * Re-direct A/C condensation lines (or collect in a bucket) to water nearby trees and planters that require more water than others.

* Rain Barrels (requires a rain gutter system) or Water Storage Tanks with a rain collection inlet (See local building codes).

* Cover swimming pools to reduce water loss due to evaporation

* Adhere to landscape watering days as issued by water company communication letter (ask us for a copy if you don't have one). This is a state required action to help reduce individual personal usage by 25%.

* Turn off water when brushing teeth until ready to rinse.

* Share this list with your guests and renters to let them know about the need to save water and reduce our water usage (site the 25% requirement).

* Check for leaks in your home's plumbing system (running toilets, faucets, hoses, pipes, etc.) and fix as soon as possible. Especially be aware of automated landscape irrigation systems and check for broken sprinkler heads, hoses, soaker hoses, etc. on a regular basis. This is by far the biggest contributor to wasting water of all the things listed to check (especially in the summer months of high usage). The savings in water and your water bill will be monumental.
* Lot owners of undeveloped lots should check for leaks on a regular basis at the meter box.

* Report any water leakage that is observed to board as soon as possible. 

* Casually make note of day and time of water usage by Fire Department or a Contractor Water Truck (note name of contractor, engine number of Fire Truck) that may be observed to any board member.

* Use of Air-to-Water systems for drinking water (De-Humidifier basically, but designed for collecting water from the humidity in the air, then filtered to safely drink. You can purchase one ready to plug-in and use.

* Use dishwasher and clothes washer at full capacity.

* Turn off hose when washing car or better yet use a car wash when in town. 

* Visit www. for more tips.